Another Twi-Present for the Bday…

My co-worker/friend Emma made me an EDWARD WABBIT for my bday!!!! hahahhaha! At first I thought it was a tooth with fur, but then she told me it was a Twilight rabbit and then it CLICKED!


The BOUFANT (she didn’t have any brown hair avail, so she used grey), the APPLE, the RED LIPS, the WHITE FACE, the PERFECT EYEBROWS! HAHAHHAHAHAHA






3 responses to “Another Twi-Present for the Bday…

  1. ok it SO does look like a tooth with fur lmao (ew.) and i wish his hair wasnt … grey? but the more i look at it and the details, i think its absolutely adorable esp the apple! haha

  2. omg thats so effing adorable!!!!!!! its like rpattz as an OLDMAN!!!!!

  3. awww Emma made you that!! lol shes so great.

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