“i got hoes!  in different area codes… ”

source: Flickr

source: Flickr

dontcha know it!?  as mentioned in a previos WTFriday post, ur favorite WTFly gals are planning a trip to Forks / Vancouver.   what started out as just shits and giggles and daydreaming just became serious bizness this last week as Jess stopped dreaming and started researching. 

her ‘project manager’ ass kicked us all into gear and here i sit, one week later, trying to work out our itinerary while looking at my flight confirmation. our WTFriends from both coasts of the country are also along for the ride.   WE GOIN TO THE SET , BITCHES.   and we’re inviting u all to share in our “Road to New Moon.”   

for the next few weeks i’ll be introducing u to our band of gals, starting with ur WTF authors, of course.  we aint just WTFanatics, we real girls with real lives and we’re probably one of those chicks u can’t wait to be friends with.  point blank, WE WTFUCKIN ROCK. 

So sit back and relax as you meet your new best friends…. you’re in for pure debauchery.  =)

11 responses to “WTFancouver?!

  1. OMG !!I’m so excited for you guys! Can’t wait to read all about you ladies and all of your adventures!!!


  3. me too!! omg! see ya there!

  4. I want to hear about ever single second!!! I am so excited to link to your posts. Remember your camo and low crawl bitches, low crawl!!!!


  5. LOL str8 up TOM FOOLERY.
    Nothing but good times to be had and great stories to be told. 🙂


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