Oh my… Carlisle is that you?!!!

Wowzaahhh… I think I’ve crossed over from Team Edward to Team Carlisle!!! Check out this footage of Peter Facinelli in SuperNova (yeah, I never heard of it either) looking… hmmm, what’s the word? Oh yeah… bootylicious!!!

and yo, she’s trippin’… What she talkin’ about, she’s gonna get him some clothes? Why the hell would she do that?!!

Side Note: Remember her from that movie, The Craft? I loved loved loved that movie!!!


7 responses to “Oh my… Carlisle is that you?!!!


  2. *whistles* oh hale yes…Team Carlisle!

  3. ome!! I need to show this to my sister in law she loves her some Carlisle …. She is all Team Carlisle!!!
    She is so happy to go to TwiCon 09 with me because she gets to meet Peter…
    No wonder hes got 3 childrens!! And he is Married…. HOTTNESS!

  4. jesus GOD!!! He is fiiiiiine

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