My, What nice abs you have!

The better to wash your clothes on my dear…

Edward Cullen will ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS be my main. But for those lonely nights when he’s off cheating on me with that stuttering hussy Bella, I sure wouldn’t mind running into Alex Meraz in the woods while on the way to grandmas house!

Kinda on the skinny side, but he’s Quillette so I know he’ll have no problem keeping me hot and bothered warm in the winter. In other shape shifter news, the rest of the pack (sans Jacob) has been spotted prowling the streets of Vancouver once again. I can’t help but think that at the rate of random sightings they’ve been having lately, we’ll be running with or at least running into the pack in no time!

More pics can be found here.


5 responses to “My, What nice abs you have!

  1. GULP… edward who??

  2. i want to make wolf-y love to Alex Meraz and have his little cubs. O.O

  3. Uh-oh. i think i just imprinted.

  4. I think if my friend had this wolf pack to visualize while reading NM, I wouldn’t have had to give her the page to skip to when Edward comes back!

    • PUWAHAHAHHAHAAH! seriously right??? same here – or else new moon wouldn’t have been such a blur for me… “blah blah blah, etc etc etc, skip page skip page…” aaaah EDWARD!!! ok, read on!

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