An early bday gift…

As sick as I currently am… I trekked my ass from my place in Brooklyn to my work in NYC, ON A SATURDAY, to pick up my package that arrived Friday.

And yes, it was my beloved DVD along with more Twilight items! YAY! I love my sis and bro-in-law! I posted the rest on one of my other blogs, so see the rest of the items HERE. (don’t hate, its a Sunday morning and I don’t feel like posting 2 identical posts!)



YES – I sported the Twilight bag around NYC back home to Brooklyn (but I wore it on the more inconspicuous side with just the Twilight logo and not “Team Edward”), I didn’t want to look THAT obsessed ya know? (Even though I am actually going on a Twilight road trip to Seattle/Vancouver with 11 other women end of April in hopes to get on the New Moon set and meet the cast and befriend all of them so we can all do karaoke after a dinner at Gotham steakhouse in Vancouver… definitely NOT obsessed)



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