Taylor: Kids Choice Awards ’09

I’m sick with the flu right now but that can’t keep my away from WTForks… so I’ll make this quick and head back to bed. How many of you watched the Kids Choice Awards to see if Twilight won any awards? Of course I did, hoping that maybe just maybe the reports that R.Patz wasn’t making onto the show were untrue. Sadly for all of us, it was true and we had to settle for Taylor Lautner. 

I know Taylor’s been beefing it up for New Moon but I’m sorry… after seeing him on the show, it’s still hard for me to believe that he can fill the shoes of big, buff Jacob. Whatchu  think?



4 responses to “Taylor: Kids Choice Awards ’09

  1. i can’t get past the fact he looks like david archuletta, the american idol kid.

  2. I think Taylor is HOTT! He’s the only Jacob in my mind.

  3. Taylor Lautner is the hottest person in the entire world! Seeing him shirtless in New Moon will probably make me pass out. TEAM JACOB RULES!!!1

  4. OMG Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black is totally wonderful! New Moon will be amazing! TEAM JACOB RULES!

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