its WTFriday, yo!

you all know what that means!!   we showin you guys WTForks we’re doin today.

personally, i’ve had the worst work week ever.  i have a narc who busted me and my internet usage out so i am blogging to you all on my lunch break as i plot how i’m gonna shank her tires on a sunny day like today.

the highlight of my week, however,  has been planning a road trip with my other WTFly ladies.   Jess will hook u guys up with the deets on that soon..  its in progress!!

and there i go in all of my “Fork my shitty job and my shitty coworkers” glory.

dying. dying. DEAD.

dying. dying. DEAD.

i know lawn also has a watchful eye on her at work as well.  haha..  but why do we still manage to get our blog on?!     cuz we WTFuckin awesomeeee!!!
i had to put my post it in my jacket and flash it real quick before anyone noticed that i wasn’t really working… man the things we do for the love of Twilight… WTForks?! — MissLawn Cullen


So I’m over here celebrating ‘cuz 1 of the 2 co-workers to the RIGHT side of me is at lunch, which means 1 less person to catch me taking pictures of myself at work. I’m snap-snap-snappin away ‘cuz I have more time to get a better shot but because I’m retarded I just settle with this one. That’s when I see my other co-worker in the empty office directly to the LEFT of me with the most puzzled look on his face. FIRED. Anyway, look at the screen, U ALREADY KNOW… ::DooWaDitty::

Oh, and in case you were wondering that’s T.I., the mayor (of Yu-Ching), and an adopt a polar-bear certificate over my shoulder LOL.




Your turn guys!  what kind of  WTFuckery are we gettin into today??


8 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. omg doowa, i fucking LOVE how i can see YU CHING in the back! lmao! hahahahahah!

  2. i love you girls! I don’t feel so bad that I read blogs all day knowing I am not alone!

  3. we are all getting WTFired!!!

  4. moving out of Washington was the dumbest decision I have ever made!

  5. yeah i have NO shame. WTForks!? stays up on my screen all day. tha dude sittin next to me stares at my as i get my daily twilight fix each morning from various sites. haha


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