KS in Twilight… as a normal teen

so i’m watching twilight… again… for the second time… today.

the more and more i watch the movie, the more and more i begin to love KS when she acts like a “normal” teen. its almost REFRESHING you know?


  • scene when jessica tells her that mike asked her to prom, bella says “zero weirdness” – totally teen
  • scene when edward comes over to introduce himself “formally,” bella: “i’m a junior, he’s a junior” etc etc – TOTALLY know that talk!
  • scene at la push when bella tells angela that she’s a strong, independent woman – such a good friend!
  • scene at the prom where she’s giving jess the thumbs up at the dress – totally teen moment

anyway, did anyone else get this feeling of “refreshment” from all the intense, silent moments between bella and edward??? it reminded me that yes, bella is still a normal teenager…


KS doing normal teen stuff…


ok i’m done – back to the movie!


5 responses to “KS in Twilight… as a normal teen

  1. misslawncullen

    yeah, totally agree… thing i love most about her is that she smokes weed, lol!!! maybe i’ll bring some to vancouver to lure her in 🙂

  2. That last picture TOTALLY agree. that is for sure normal teen stuff… (no sarcasm here. i’m serious) lol.

  3. WTF Lan ?!?! When you go to Vancouver! Did I miss something? Are you going….for real? Oh My Gawd…..How Fun!!!

  4. I love K.S. I got so sick of people dissing her acting skills in Twilight. I thought she did a great job at being the awkward/self conscious/shy new girl in town. What she may not have expressed in words she made up for in her facial expressions. I also love the fact that she’s good friends with Mary Jane. YES!!!

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