Mr. Sandman, We need to talk!

So the other day before I left the mayor’s house after having our Twi-Night DVD party,  the idea of dreaming about Edward Cullen that night was all on our minds. I told Queenie that maybe, just maybe if we thought about him really hard RIGHT before we fell asleep it would happen. (Wait, read that last sentence one more time  – I PROMISE I didn’t mean it in that way haha)

Well it didn’t.

And we were both sadly disappointed the next morning when we didn’t have any juicy romance novel type dreams to share with each other. But then last night I had a dream! However, it was about Stephanie Meyer. Basically, I met her at a book signing and not only took a picture with her, but took a picture of her holding up a flashcard that said WTForks?! The dream was nothing too special but I thought it was hilarious that even in my dream I repped WTForks. Now that’s loyalty LOL.

Still though, would it have KILLED you Mr. Sandman to let me dream about Edward Cullen instead? Sheesh, what a hater.


2 responses to “Mr. Sandman, We need to talk!

  1. Maybe I need to think about him ‘harder’?! LMAO!

    Oh Abi… Lol

  2. i miss my twilight dreams… i only had them while i was reading the books 😦 looks like i gotta pull out the trusty books again and read them before i go to bed 🙂

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