Can you FEEL ME Edward Cullen?




Sorry if I’m late, but I haven’t gotten a chance to watch my special features Twilight disc yet and was just informed about “Catherine Hardwicke’s Vampire Kiss Montage.” I swear a woman with “pervy-cougar’ written all over her face WOULD have this.

Dude, forget “Twinklight,” the first scene would just about do it for me if I was a gay man, and the last scene? OMG. JUST WATCH.

I wasn’t aware that vampires had to place their hand inside the shirt of their prey in order to kill them!


5 responses to “Can you FEEL ME Edward Cullen?

  1. So somehow I missed that his hand went up her shirt the 50 times I’ve watched that.

    Dude. Edward totally just went to second base.

  2. wtforks?! is this from the borders edition? cuz my dvd that i got from amazon doesn’t have that on there!!! ahhhhhh… looks like i’ll be buying the borders edition too.

  3. O


  4. shiiiiiit edward cullen can hit a homer with me ANYTIME – shit. i watched that baseball scene. i seen how he plays LMAO! i really need to stop.

  5. man i have no tits! but he can feel my… wait i have no ass either. fuck it he can go straight for the pek pek.

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