New Moon Wolf Pack.

Stephanie Meyer has announced the new cast of New Moon’s wolf pack and even though “I Run With Vampires,” I’m super excited because it just means November is nearing!

Take a look at our new frenemies:

Chaske Spencer.

Bronson Pelletier

Alex Meraz.

Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman will also be joining the cast, however, I can’t find a legit picture of them. Casting was overseen by renowned casting director Rene Haynes, who is known for his work on Native projects such as Dancing With Wolves.

I absolutely lurve how each wolf pack member is of Native American decent! But I STILL wish New Moon’s Volturi was from the Philippines so I could’ve possibly been a part of it. I can see it now, Alice driving a yellow Jeepney and Manny Pacquaio playing Aro, hmmm…


4 responses to “New Moon Wolf Pack.

  1. YO – we’d be cookin up adobo ALL DAY son!

  2. the last one is hot…..

  3. I’m so bummed the o.g Embry, Krys Ivory, didn’t get recasted for New Moon…..:o(

  4. Alex Meraz is kinda sexxxyyy. lol i dont like that hes playing Paul though. i thought he fit Embry’s description better.

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