what’s your favorite twilight scene???

JCB: My favorite scene is when Edward first takes Bella to school. Has his fly raybans on and a huge grin on his face. AAAAHHHHHHHHH – I SWOON allll the fkn time at that part!!!


My second favorite scene is when they’re dancing together outside… I’m actually listening to Iron & Wine right now. This song will be my wedding song. I called it!!!! UGH… I love these scenes – they’re soooooo in love with each other…. its disgustingly awesome.




13 responses to “what’s your favorite twilight scene???

  1. my fave scene is the same as yours. i love the look on his face when he takes her to school. second fave scene is the baseball scene…everyone is just so damn hot!

  2. my fav is also the raybans scene! My other favs are…when Edward invites Bella to meet his family, the scene when Alice says “you won’t hurt her” and Edward looks sooo embarrassed! and I love the scene when Billy Black says “I’m down with the kids!” and Charlie replies “Oh yea you’re da bomb.” HAHAHAHA

    okay I just love the whole freakin movie!!

  3. OMG. My fav scene has to be that one too! It’s like homie opened the car door for her and was cheesing from ear to ear. And then Bella is like “everyone is staring”. Like lucky whore! You are next to thee coolest vampire ever and all you can say is “everyone is staring”. I would’ve been cheesing too! Gosh I’m such a hater on Bella.

  4. While the books scenes are waaay better than the movie i’d have 2 say 1 of my favorite parts is when he asks bella “wut if I’m not the hero, wut if I’m the bad guy?” I swear that wud juz make me want 2 hang out with him more despite the fact its sposed 2 b a warning. I also have 2 agree with the baseball scene cuz they all look really bad ass playing. Another fave scene of mine is at the end when like a straight g sweet lil alice jumps on james’ back n breaks his neck like my ba gangster.

    Lastly my fave scene of all is wen bella n edward r on the very top of the tree n bellas lullaby is playin in the background n the camera pans away. Its the ultimate depiction of feeling so “high” then the scene turns into edward playing the piano 4 bella swooooon.

    I miteve well juz described the whole movie lol. Btw I’m typing live frm our twi-night @ rach’s 🙂

  5. misslawncullen

    ok, here we go…

    here are my fave scenes from the book:
    1. the cafeteria scene when edward calls her over to sit next to him and they’re so deep in conversation that they forget everyone else is in the room… love that scene & i wish it was in the movie.
    2. the whole dinner scene in port angeles and the ride home after when bella finds out he’s a vampire (instead of the meadow as portrayed in the movie).

    here’s my fave scenes from the movie:
    1. when edward walks into the cafeteria and gives that sexy ass smirk when jessica says that none of the girls are good enough for him.
    2. when they go to school together and he’s rockin’ the ray bans… arrrggh, he’s soooo hot in that scene. epitome of the “bad guy” look… my favorite kinda guy… hehe!
    3. the prom scene under the gazebo when they’re slow dancing than he kisses her neck.
    4. oh oh… i also like the way he poses for their prom picture. he turns to the side instead of looking into the camera… loved it!!!

  6. ok so i just finished watching the movie again and had to add the part where he has to suck out the venom and tells bella “i’ll make it go away” aaaand the part where they’re driving away from charlie’s house and she turns to see all the “normal” people (jessica, mike, etc.) walking out of the diner/coffee shop whatever, and she realizes the life she’s about to leave behind. craaayzy.

  7. OH YES! Alice is BADASS when she rips James head off! love that part!!

  8. first is the kissing in bella’s bedroom scene, it felt so real and passionate. second one is the school scene like you said.

    i also like when they were in the woods and edward revealed his shining body……so hot.

  9. my three fave scenes are…..when alice rips james head off, when bella and edward were in his room and bella’s like “no bed?” so we all can tell what she’s thinking, and when billy and charlie mess around i was laughing histaricly the whole time not even paying attention to jacob and bella

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