more pics courtesy of LA.COM

Once I got to Borders last night, I started digging thru my purse for camera & it wasn’t there!!! I left it in my other purse (story of my life). I was so pissed cuz I just charged it and deleted a bunch of old pics just for that event. So the pics in the previous post were from Josie’s camera BUT i just remembered this morning that some chick that was taking flicks all night gave me her LA.COM business card. Here are some more pics from last night…








BTW… let’s play “Where’s Misslawn” and lemme know if you can spot me in the top and bottom crowd shots, haha!!!

3 responses to “more pics courtesy of LA.COM

  1. hahahah..i spotted you…left corner near the rails!!! hahaha …Im watching my twilight movie right now…Target actually had it girl!!

  2. i spotted you in 2. 5 seconds….hahaha “wheres lawn-do?”

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