Midnight Release Party Update

Ok so on the LA front (Borders Westwood)… the midnight release party was “eh” BUT I’m glad I went anyway cuz it was my first time experiencing Twilight with a mass of people. I felt like I was “coming out of the closet” by going to this event by letting the world know that “Yes, I’m a Twihard & proud of it!!!” I wanted to be surrounded by fellow Twihards and booooyyyy was I?!!! There were tweens, adults, tweens dressed as vampires, adults dressed as vampires, geeks and hotties all under one roof. It goes to show that Twi-fans come in many different ages, shapes and sizes.

The event was started off with trivia questions (all waaaayyy too easy), prize giveaways, and Q&A with our host and fellow bloggers, Matt, Andrew Kaitlin of Twilight Source and Lauren from Twilight Facebook. We were later joined with special guest, Melissa Rosenberg, the screen writer for both Twilight and New Moon. Sucks huh?! I was sooooo hoping that R.Patz was gonna pop out of a book shelf but that obviously didn’t happen.


My girl, “JosieCullen” came up from San Diego for the release… now that’s dedication folks!!!


Matt, Lauren, Andrew, Kaitlin & Melissa Rosenberg

I got bit bored after an hours worth of trivia with lil’ kids/tweens screaming from the top of their lungs so started doodling on my $2 bill. I wonder who’ll end up with this one day.


Spotted this kid in the crowd wearing a “Forks High School” baseball tee… cool right?!!


I wanted to tell Melissa Rosenberg how much I hated her for making the movie so much different than the book & tell her how stupid the meadow scene was with Edward showing his strength (I hate that scene w/ a passion) BUT I ended up giving in and just showing the peace sign. BTW… peep Kaleb from Twilight Guy on the left side of the pic, haha!!!


All in all the party wasn’t that crackin’… as you can see!!! Hahaha… 


*** However, if you went to or threw any Twilight parties please send us some pics showing some WTForks love & we’ll post in our next entry. Hope all of your Twi-parties were awesome & that you’re all enjoying your dvds 🙂

4 responses to “Midnight Release Party Update

  1. Aaahhhhh!!!! Lawn this looks many! I will not be partying until Monday but I may just sit and watch Queenie’s blu ray copy tonight. I heart twilight. And this post.

  2. P.s. At the exact moment I saw the ass picture my husband mentioned to me that my crack kills in my sweats. I dunno how this is relevant but I just thought I’d share.

  3. puwhahahahahah!!! omg did you introduce yourself to the twilight guy???

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