message from twi-cast…

This is the video that was played at the release parties. Check it out and imagine the screams that erupted while this was playing, hopefully I’ll get my hearing back soon…

2 responses to “message from twi-cast…

  1. kristen stewart forever looks like she wants to die…and not be immortal i mean – just die. and le sigh if only u went to the hot topic in l.a. (highlands) alice was there! i know she’s not r. patz but i love her too!

  2. Yeah i agree. She’s starting to wear on my nerves hate to say it. It’s just that everyone else has some speck of enthusiasm when it comes to talking about the film. What’s with the ‘tude all the time?

    Doowaditty, did you go to the Highlands Hot Topic? I’m already trying to scope out what location I’d like to go to for the New Moon release. The local Borders party in LBC was laaaaame. Figured LA would be a better choice.

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