soooo does anyone want to share their midnight dvd release experiences???

as for me. my sis pre-ordered it for my bday, but she lives in chicago. so i’m waiting. i told her to send me a copy of GQ as well PUWAHAHAHA!

twilight on demand??? i stayed up all night searching for it. anyone have any success??? even woke up early to see if it was up yet – nuffin =(

BUT i AM looking forward to “A NIGHT WITH THE CULLENS” at my girl simone’s apt… i have yet to hear if her midnight dvd extravaganza was a success… stay tuned!

let’s hear about yours!!!!

7 responses to “DVD????

  1. Heyy i actually commented about it last night while i was on line under a different post. i just copy and paste here. but im looking at it now and WTF! i was flippin out so im guessin i must of accidentally deleted the middle part of the comment as i tryed to post it, i was on my blackberry lol.

    “I’m AT BORDERS NEXT TO MADISON SQUARE GARENS AND LAURRENT IS HERE!!!! (Ed Gathegi) I completely spazzed when he walked out. I made such a scene that the ppl behind me said they hold my spot if I wanted to try and get closer. Of course I did. Thank you to the nice ppl on line! I’m walkin on clouds right now and i took pics and video.

    It was pretty embarrassing I was like climbing on this bookshelf and he was looking str8 at me so i just kept waving and the ppl around me where like what are you doing??? and i said i feel like if i keep waving he will wave back at me, thats all i can ask for! I actually love ed gathegi he is so chill and funny. I didnt think he was that attractive but in person hes extremely cute.

    ** side note there are ppl here dressed up as Rosalie during the baseball scene (bats in hand and all) and others in complete character. Its cool/creepy they did a really good job dressing as them i actually took a double look at one of the Rosalies and thought i picked the spot Nikki Reed was visiting lol. Also there is a girl with a hot Team Jacob shirt on that says “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf”– of course I had to shout her out.

    I got the special edition signed by Ed Gathegi! I’m goin home to watch it right now.”

    lol so thats what it was supposed to say.

    • damnit vicky! you didn’t text me??? can you PLEASE send photos and vid – puwahahhahah! i can TOTALLY picture you spazzin out hahahhahahahhahahaha!!! i heart you!!! do you want to come to our twi party tomorrow???

      • omg i tryed!!! but when i went to texte you i realized i didnt have your number! man I totally lucked out choosing that spot. yeah of course i do, ill email you my number.

  2. Well the Twilight party I checked out last night at Borders in LBC was pretty lame. It was more of a family scene and no one was really dressed up. For the next movie release we’re going to hit up a Borders in LA or Hollywood. Did anyone go to any of those locations? I imagine they’d have a better crowd. I’m jelly of your sightings TeamJake!

    As far as the movie, I could have gotten the DVD last night at the Borders thing but we wanted it on BluRay. (I love how this is the weekend my boyfriend picks to go out of town to skate as we are supposed to be in this TOGETHER!) Ha. So the plan was, wake up early this morning to get it at Target. I get to Target at 7:45am thinking that I’m going to be the only one waiting outside but no….there are already about 20 people waiting. WTF!!! I still got my BluRay though. They had plenty 🙂

    Hope you all had a great time and will be watching your movies soon!

  3. Oh my Forks!! Let me tell you the fricken Twilight Dvd release party was fricken lack luster at the Walmart here in Temecula. Everyone didn’t show up until 30 min. prior to the release. Everything from the raffle contest to the themed table set up. It was lacking the excitement I was so looking forward to. We so wished we were at the Borders or Hot Topic release parties. Anywhoo, I guess that’s how Walmart rolls.

    As far as purchasing the DVD at Walmart, my daughter did. Granted, she wanted her very own. As for myself, I decided to go to Target crack-ass early to purchase the 3 Disc Deluxe Editon. Can’t beat the retail price of $17.99.
    It was quick and easy. All the dvd’s were on a shelf near the cashier. I’m still considering in getting the Borders
    Exclusive Edition. I heart the sparkly box and the photo cards.


    Have a great weekend!

  4. Jennifer Cullen

    You can watch Twilight on demand at Amazon’s video on demand site. It’s $3.99 and good for one month. I watched it at midnight. 🙂 Waiting on my DVD as well.

  5. Sadly! I didn’t realize that it was the same EXAC T dvd they were selling in the store than the one on the website. So when i opened up my sisters dvd and saw the pictures thats also in the one i ordered. i began my list of profanities. haha.

    Okay ANYWAYS! i actually tweeted while i was at Borders last night and here are just a few things i over heard…..

    “There’s this married couple at my work ann today I walked in on them in the basement having sex! My only question u would put your ass on that floor?!”
    -Lady on the phone

    “Bella is a little horny bitch trying to get him on the bed to fuck her. And Edward was like I can hurt you. And sho’ nough’ he did. Gave her bruises.”
    -Girl talking to her mom

    Just thought i should share the crazy things i’ve over heard. haha.

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