Dreams do come true!!!

Hey guys, after last nights turn of events (total disappointment) I was a bit down and out that me and Josie ended up at the most wack release party in LA BUT today was a new day and a new Twilight appearance!!! This time around at Kitson on Robertson Boulevard with Ashley Green, Kellan Lutz & Rachelle Lefevre. Sooooo, Josie and I crossed our fingers and headed over there…

We got there an hour late and the line was massive!!!


The window display was dope!!! I need one of those vinyl stickers of Edward on my bedroom window, ha! 


You can’t tell by this picture but this is me frantically shaking my metallic pen to work before we headed into the store… It ended up NOT working.






Haha… I knew that $2 “WTForks” bill would come in handy!!!


I just had to do it!!!


Oh happy day!!!


Thanks Josie for playing paparazzi for the day… sooooo fun!!!!

14 responses to “Dreams do come true!!!

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    omg. no seriously.


    san francisco gets NO love.

  2. Yaaaaah! Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  3. Oh My Goodness! I still can’t stop squealing!!! I had sooo much fun! I don’t get to geek out with anyone here! we need to do it again!!! COMIC CON here we come….

  4. Aww What A lucky girl!! Looks like alot of fun. I Missed Nikki Reed When She came for the dvd party here in Chicago =(

  5. Yes!!! At least this event made up from the previous one at Borders. Thank goodness you and Josie got to meet/greet with some of the cast. Great job ladies!!!

  6. YAAAAAAYYYYYY – i hope he keeps the $2 bill!!! omg i can’t believe you gave it to him puwahahahhaha!

    • misslawncullen

      hellz naw, i didn’t give it to him… my goal is from this point on whenever i happen to meet a cast member i’ll take a flick of them holding it 🙂

  7. DAMN IT!! Wish I’d known I would have driven up! Those pics are amazing, what kind of camera did you use?

  8. Totally cool! Thanks for sharing the pixs. When is Comic Con? I so wanna be down and rep, WTFs!!!

  9. That.Is.EPIC.

    here I am, munchin on Mint MnM’s in mah bed, waiting for Twilight to come on DVD in 30 what the forks more days.


  10. its ON like donkey kong at comic con. (i just rhymed). lol.

    • puwahahha!!!! do it!!!! we need to make another WTForks sign for the cast to hold up WHEN we run into them!!! but for rob, i’ll hand him my panties =x

  11. Nice, thanks for sharing!

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