Fuck Yeaaahhhh!!!! I came, I saw, I conquered… As you know from my previous post, I woke not only my ass up but my husband’s too (aww he’s the best) this morning and headed to Borders on Westwood to get my wristband (which was actually a piece of paper) for tonite!!! Only dilemma is that it’s a party for the release and the ticket insures you into the party & a dvd BUT I already pre-ordered mine soooooo, does that mean I gotta buy another dvd?! Hmmm… I just really wanna go and see all the other Twi-Hards & I’m really hoping and praying that R.Patz or K.Stew shows up. I’ll even settle for Taylor Lautner, lol. I’ve even been running thru in my mind what I’d do if I saw R.Patz… hehe!!!

But anyways, TGIForks ya’ll… my day has started off at a great start!!! How’s yours so far and WTForks are you doing right now?!!!


Oh and I couldn’t help myself… it was staring at me at the counter so I just had to buy it!!! It’s a good book with awesome, pics, illustrations and the Catherine Hardwicke’s notes are really interesting. This book will definitely make my work day go by faster (if I can sneak in some peeks here and there) & then it’s off to the Release Party tonite…  AHHHH!!!!


  • *** oh what i would do to be in LA.  i’d stalk the kogi truck and then totally go with Lawn to this.  however, i am STUCK in the bay, doing yet another training (oh the joys)…  dont i just look so enthused?   (p.s. i’m posting this from my iPhone and this is so hard!  i dont like.)
womp womp womp womp womp

womp womp womp womp womp

Oh screw u all lol.

And I know it looks like my eyebrow is doing all the thinking but I didn’t have anywhere else to stick the thought bubble lol. BTW it says WhyTheForks didn’t I skip work to get a wristband today? Sorry hah.


10 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! i want to hate u so bad right now but we have almost the same last name so i can’t lol.

  2. OOOMMMGGGGGGG – i got too much shit going on and no one to accompany me… but i AM having a twi party/dinner with my girls on sunday!!!!! take pics!!!

  3. URRRGHHH!!! i am hella jelly. just HELLA JELLY. abi, are we still on for monday? fuck!

  4. HOLY CRAP…we have the same color nails and wacom tablet pen! Buuuut you’re holding party tix and I’m stuck at werk, werkin’.

    • misslawncullen

      that wacom pen is glued to my fingers… i didn’t even notice i was holding it until you mentioned that, lol & YELLOW rocks!!!

  5. Ooooo i’m loving that yellow nail polish!! git it girl. Mind sharing what’s on your nails?!THANKS!

  6. Yippee…U got your passes!! Anywhoo, my daughter and I will be attending the Walmart release party…had to settle for less since we couldn’t attend the Hot Topic or Borders one….happy for u though and hope you see Edward!!!

  7. nice, thanks! yay twilight tonight!! gonna get my 3-disc dvd @ Target (;

  8. I’m AT BORDERS NEXT TO MADISON SQUARE GARENS AND LAURRENT IS HERE!!!! (Ed Gathegi) I completely spazzed when he walked out. I made such a scene that the ppl behind me said they hold my spot if I wanted to try and get closer. Of course I did. Thank you to the nice ppl on line! I’m walkin on clouds right now and cute.
    ** side note there are ppl here dressed up as rosalie during the baseball scene (bats in hand and all) and there is a girl with a hot team jacob shirt on that says “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf” had to shout her out

    I got the special edition signed by Ed! I’m goin home to watch it right now

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