I am so PISSED…

… I set my alarm for mad early so that I could wake up and head over to Borders so I could get my wristband for tonite’s Midnight Release Party & guess what?!!! I set it for PM instead of AM (I’m such an idiot) and now I’m brushing my teeth, doing my makeup, changing and blogging at the same time so I could get my ass out the door and over to Borders asap!!! I know there’s gonna be a crazy ass line soooooooo wish me luck guys!

Oh and FYI… yes of course I pre-ordered my dvd! I just wanna be one with my fellow Twilighters tonite & hopefully catch a glimpse or maybe even meet one of the cast. I’ll be sure to blog today’s events… from me waiting in line for my wristband to hopefully getting it or not and then me either heading to the party tonite or crashing it!!!

Again… wish me luck!!!!


5 responses to “I am so PISSED…

  1. Goodluck!!!

  2. ahh lawnn! throw some elbows and i’m sure u’ll get to the front of the line..!!!! TODAY IS THE DAYYYY!!

  3. this is the sole reason why i shouldn’t have work on fridays. i’m ridiculously irritated by the fact that i’m at work and actually working and not at borders. URGH.

  4. So what’s the deal? You have to go to Borders mad early to get a wristband? I was just going to go tonight and wait for midnight but looks like it’s going to be much more complicated than that :/

  5. Good luck & may the Forks be with you!!! (Sorry – I couldn’t help myself – lol…) : )

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