Hating Kristen Stewart.

I know I said I wouldn’t because it’s not her fault Edward’s in love with Bella … or is it?

During the launch of Twilight: Director’s Notebook in Santa Monica,  director Catherine Hardwicke divulged to Life & Style  magazine that she held the casting for Bella and Edward *cue 70s porn music pls* in HER BEDROOM! To ensure the passion needed to fully bring the characters book chemistry to life she even made them kiss.

“Because at the end of the day, if it just doesn’t work, then it’s not going to work for the whole movie. So I made them go ahead and kiss, and the sparks did fly!”~Hardwicke

Oh I got sparks for u. Steam too. And they’re coming outta my ears. Why couldn’t Bella have been Filipina and 5 ft. tall? I SOOO would’ve had a chance LOL.


5 responses to “Hating Kristen Stewart.

  1. HaHa I know, I’m jealous too! When you watch them in interviews together, it’s so obvious there is something there.

  2. Watching these two together gives me goosebumps! There is so much chemistry… the pics of them looking at each other say it all for me. There is SO something there, but I think Kristen being young, and with the first boyfriend she’s ever had, it’s hard to let go of your ‘first’ – but if she ever did, I think the passion between these two would be SCALDING HOT!!!!

  3. LMAO – try a 5’1.5″ chinky eyed filipina! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA love… oh to be a fucking fly in that bedroom… rather, a mosquito so i could bite rpatz

  4. in the commentary on the dvd they all say that she held the “audition” in her garage…

  5. muahahahah.
    she’s just so damn dry.

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