West Siiiiiiiide!!!

One of my favorite movies/plays growing up was West Side Story… I soooo wanted to be a badass Shark girl, lol. But anyways, West Side Story is finally coming back to Broadway and to commemorate the revival, photographer Mark Seliger re-created scenes from the 1961 film version with the help of J “Booty” Lopez, Camilla Belle and friends… one of which is our beloved R.Patz!!! 


Between Maria (Camilla Belle, far left) and Tony, it is dancing, dancing, dancing. Latin steps predominate on the left, as the Sharks and their ladies give America a taste of the culture to come. On the right, we have a series of funky Anglo moves, as the Jets and their gals go rhythmically at it. On either side, our two tragic protagonists have eyes only for each other. The lead Sharks dancers are Anita (J.Lo) and Bernardo.

Check out R.Patz rockin’ out in the back along w/ Cam Gigandet crouching down below him… looks like so much fun, wish I was there!!!

Source: Vanity Fair


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