Twilight: Rated X-Tina

When I think of vampires I think of hot, not hot-hot but sexy hot people with pale white skin, dark rimmed eyes, and dope style, similar to the Twilight Prom feature I did last week… cuz after reading Twilight, I just imagined all of them walking around in sick ass designer clothes since they’re supposed to be all rich and shit. 

But anywho, I found these pics of X-Tina a long time ago from her feature in Citizen K… it’s an awesome fashion spread but what makes it sooooo frickin’ awesome is the vampire inspiration behind the shoot. Doesn’t she make a dope vampire? This is how Rosalie, Alice and Esme are supposed to look, damnit!!!


More pics from the spread after the jump…





Edward vs. X-Tina


3 responses to “Twilight: Rated X-Tina

  1. I’m not a fan of hers but these a awesome pics man!

    oh, Edward wins hands down!

  2. how AMAZING would it be if alice and rosalie and bella looked like this??? shit would be ILL! lol

  3. Her (fake) tits look like bags of flour in the second photo. Her makeup is rad though.

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