They are soooo frickin’ annoying!!!

If you watch The Hills or The City on MTV, then you’re familiar with these 2 reeee-tards (sorry, I hate using that term but in this case it’s totally ok), the host of The After Show… where they basically analyze each episode & ask members of the cast questions, blah blah blah!!! Anyways, they’re basically Dumb & Dumber and you’ll see why in this clip from another show they do for MTV Canada, AYYY?!!!

Ok, I know K. Stew isn’t the greatest at giving interviews BUT gheez, she’s only human & she’s already admitted to hating and feeling uncomfortable in interviews. If anything, I thought K. Stews responses or lack thereof was quite hilarious & I would’ve done the same thing, ha!

That douche was sooooooo fucked up for calling her a “bitch,” right ?!!


7 responses to “They are soooo frickin’ annoying!!!

  1. Sorry. I kinda feel like if you walk like a duck and quack like a duck, you’re probably a duck. I have social anxiety in real life (shocker, I know) and I am REALLY uncomfortable in big settings but I am never accused of being a bitch. You know why? I’m not. I come across as shy and nervous. I don’t roll my eyes or look at people like “WTF?” (and I don’t mean “forks). I really am rooting for her (hard to believe, but true) b/c I do think that OVERALL she is a great Bella but her continued refusal to “play the game” (and yeah she is PAID a lot of money to play that game) is wearing thin on a lot of people who are tiring of her flippant attitude toward the very people who help her promote her work — the media — and the people who put pot in her bong — the fans who watch her work. Sorry, I still love you guys but I do think that her attitude is a bit standoffish.

  2. Ugh. I just think that those interviewers ask the stupidest questions!

  3. ok i HATE them. hateeeee.. like WTF no one wants to know this shit u dumbasses!!! i think they should put US on TV instead… lol.

  4. Wow, that was brutal. What a queen.

  5. Kristen wasn’t the only one not wanting to answer the kissing question her co-star didn’t either. And I think we all have that one annoying question (When are you going to have another baby??) that we get tired of hearing and having to answer! And answering the question by talking about kids and their webbed feet? WTForks?! 🙂

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