Party over here, Ain’t no party over there!

Initially, the concept of throwing a Twilight DVD release party was just another crazy idea of mine but the more I really marinate on the subject – the more crazy ideas seem to flow! Either I need a life, or I need to seriously get into party-planning as a career.

 Granted, me and my WTFly laides will probably be too lazy to actually put this into fruition and this would only be if you wanted to go ALL OUT, but nevertheless, here’s my ideas for the ultimate Twilight themed party!

Attire: There’s two ways you can go about this. The first way is to come dressed in character inspired outfits. Luckily, the Cullens are pretty simple yet still fashionable. No outlandish or cartoony costumes here, so it should be easy to pull off the look. They tend to lean towards more cool and monotone colors like grey, black, white, and blue. Crisp lines and victorian chic are also reoccuring wardrobe themes. I’d definitely include the family crest or a grey peacoat in my outfit that day 🙂

Otherwise, you can always come in your favorte Twilight tee! This one’s one of my faves:

Setting: Again, there are more ways than one to go about this depending on if you want the theme to be based on just one of the books, or the entire set. I personally, would combine all 4.

  • I would grab colors from the Twilight book artwork, so basically white, black, red, and maybe a few accent colors here and there
  • Red apples can be used as decorations as well as food
  • I would definitely incoporate Parrot Tulips into my flower arrangements or center pieces
  • A white table cloth with a blood red runner would be perfect for the table setting
  • You can use chess pieces to hold up place cards to dictate seating arrangements OR just to hold up cards with your favorite Twilight quotes on them
  • Candles, dim lights, minimal furniture, Twilight posters, the actual books, and “tasteful” not over board crepe paper decorations would complete the rest of the room
  • Misc: Have the Twilight soundtrack playing or the Kanye album LOL. Basically a playlist that reminds you of the books. Also, you can have the dvd playing in the background.
  • P.S. Of course all writing should be in Twilight font!

Food: I know the Cullens don’t actually eat but shit I SURE DO and because I’m a cow I would serve real food asides from just party food.

  • In honor of the Cullens who just hunt down wild animals, I’d serve a big chunk of meat like a yummy steak or maybe meatloaf with ketchup on top to resemble “blood.” OK I’m lying, I’m just really craving steak and meatloaf.
  • Red velvet cake or red velvet cupcakes
  • Apples
  • You can pretty much Twilight anything up with a touch of food coloring, I’d definitely add a drop to some champagne or cidar. You can also just use punch
  • Cookies with glitter looking sprinkles on top

Games: This list could seriously go on and on…

  • Twilight scavenger hunt
  • Twilight Jeopardy
  • Twilight Bingo
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Chess
  • Twilight Cranium (For instance you can act out scenes from the book/movie)
  • Have Grand Turismo or any other racing video game available (Long as there’s a yellow porche involved haha!)
  • I forgot the name of the original game but in it you put a post it on the forehead of another player making sure they don’t see it. The post it should have the name of a Twilight character in this case. Then throughout the night, people have to talk to the person in relation to them being the character all while never saying their character name so that they can actually guess who they are.
  • I got this idea from a blog where the birthday celebrant was thrown a surprise Twilight themed party. One of the games was an ode to Bella’s pregnancy with Renesmee. Basically it’s just a race to see who can sip a cup of “blood” (aka champagne or your red drink of choice) through a straw fastest.
  • There’s always the traditional game of baseball 🙂 To add a twist you can even have a Team Edward and Team Jacob
  • Twilight board game or BORED game as the mayor likes to call it

Favors: You can pretty much give anything out as party favors but I would make a cute little goody bag with my favorite Twilight memorabilia. Just little things like Twilight conversation hearts, Edward Cullen glitter, and trading cards.

Sooo … who’s house we having the party at? Huh huh huh? LOL.


7 responses to “Party over here, Ain’t no party over there!

  1. dude. you have thought WAAAAAY too hard about this. hahahaha but i think with our party planning skills we could make this happen.. lmao.

  2. misslawncullen

    damn, i need to come up to the bay for this!!!

  3. Lanie you have to throw a party!!! i will definitely be there. hahahaha ( bam would be so

  4. I am actually going to a friend’s house who is having a party — and it is a costume party. I am going as Bella. 🙂

  5. I wanna come! r u havin one in michigan?! 😀

  6. I am also having a party but no dressing up 😦

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