ive been a little overzealous about getting my friends to read/speak/live/breathe WTForks?!…

and although in my last post i mentioned that my son accidentally deleted the edited version of these, i decided to be nice and share with u the raw footage. 

might i add that i have the greatest.friends. ever.

so here’s our good friend Jus whom JCullenBlack and I have known FOREEVERRR  (who’s lady is a twi-hard WTF reader.. HI MAIR!)…

and our other good friend S-I… who, apparently, likes to randomly say What The Forks?! … DONTCHA LOVE IT?
p.s. i’d like to apologize for the annoying sound of my voice in the beginning i swear i didnt know i sounded like this. lol.

i’m also working on doing a WTForks?! commercial series… featuring the girls (yeah i HELLA just volunteered u guys)…  those are to come, so enjoy these for now.  =) 

and if u would like to send us your own WTF video, please feel free and do so!


3 responses to “WTFriends!

  1. This is too cute! Your friends are such great sports for doing this. They’re cute too. Especially the 2nd one… of course, not as cute as RPATZ, but you know. =)

  2. ommggg hahaha – totally camera shy

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