WTFan mail.

so again, i have to reiterate that we have the BEST.READERS.EVER.
I had a conversation with an old friend this weekend that went something like this..

her – dude u write for What the Forks?!
me – yessma
her – omg u guys are fucking awesome i read ur blog religiously
me – haha. thanksss! that means a lot.
her – no really, u guys are my salvation!

  • sigh* we are pretty awesome.. but only because of you guys. =) I’d like to take a timeout to pay homage to our WTF?! readers and the love they show…

Queenie with the WTF (World's Tiniest Fucking) Toblerone.


Gailey and her WTF water bottle.


Kristina showin her WTFan status.

and i’m still currently working on some video (which my son accidentally deleted this weekend so i have to start all over) but i promise ill get that out to u guys ASAP!  

WTForks?! love our WTFans.   to the DEATH!   (pun intended)  =)

3 responses to “WTFan mail.

  1. Lol. Thanks for the shout out. I love WTForks!! You ladies are my saving grace at work.

    Twilight on my mind (what else is new?) I was at Big Bear this wknd rockin my I Heart Edward Cullen shirt. Sending a visual soon. Lol

  2. Kristina Cullen

    I made it here! Yes!!!!!

    This is my saving grace @ work too. 🙂

  3. its 830am here in soCAL and i when i stepped out the door, i felt like i was in the TWLIGHT zone (all pun intended). i see nothing but FOG. very eerie, but very cool!! soCal weather has been ruled over by the pending release of Twilight =)
    (i’m not sure how to send the pics to you myself, hopefully you can just obtain them fr my twitpic)

    mad hella loooove to ::wtFORKS:: !!!


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