Cuz we can’t get enough…

Looky-looky what I got ladies… more pics from R.Patz GQ photoshoot!!! These are some of the out takes from the shoot & I’m glad we got our hands on them!!! Hope these made your day cuz it made my day, fo sho!





6 responses to “Cuz we can’t get enough…

  1. OH LOWDY! THE LAST ONE JUST MAKE ME GUSH!!!! i can picture myself waking up to that… everymorning…

  2. I love him. Okay, I just want him. But really bad.

  3. no the first one. is my FAVE. can i just marry him already!

  4. OMG he is so gorgeous!!

  5. I love how tortured he looks and he still stays beautiful. Mmmmm. even his frowns are delicious.

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