Twi-Morph… WTF?!

I always wonder if I’ll run out of things to blog about that’s Twilight related but then I end up coming across the funniest/coolest sites ever, like!!! At Morph Thing you have your choice a bunch of different celebs to morph into one. Cool right?!!!

Soooooo, if Kristen and Rob had a love child this is what he/she would look like OR this is how Renesmee will look when she’s all grown up!!! HILAR…



How could 2 beautiful people morph into something so, ughhh what’s the word… ODD?!

5 responses to “Twi-Morph… WTF?!

  1. I’m not sure. It doesn’t quite right. lol Is that a girl or a boy? Or a girl with facial hair…lol

  2. um. WHAT? its like..a he/she. with a 5 o’clock shadow. no bueno no bueno!

  3. I’m sorry but it kinda looks like cris crocker lol
    And I love Kstew and I feel kinda bad for saying it lol

  4. Looks like a hairy KStew. lol

  5. ha ha omg that’s hilarious!

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