Sexual tension much?!

Have you guys seen this video yet from the infamous Twilight Vanity Fair shoot? I just saw this for the first time & I’ve concluded that I’m officially OK with R.Patz getting with K.Stew cuz they are just too fuckin’ cute for words!!!

I did a “I wouldn’t mind” post earlier in the week about me being totally cool if they got together and a lot of you agreed. For those of you who disagreed… tell me whether or not  you’ve changed your mind after watching this video.

8 responses to “Sexual tension much?!

  1. COUPLE OF THE FKN YEAR!!! gawd… can they just do it already??? i really would NOT HATE at ALLLLLL

  2. oh yeah, i mean its edited to seem much cuter than it really was but they do have great chemistry.
    i am sad to say as i stayed late at work one night working on a site launch i actually sat down and watched a video of the ENTIRE unedited shoot. lol im pitiful its like an hour long.

    if you havent seen it yet check it out.

  3. Agreed. They sort of seem right for each other. I mean, it’s Bella and Edward. Geez!

  4. this is fuckin wonderful. i feel like i’m intruding on something… lol. *sigh*

  5. plus that song is absolutely amazing!

  6. they gotta have hooked up, right?!

  7. If she hasn’t hooked up with him yet there’s something wrong with her. He is seriously a fucking GOD!!!

  8. I have seen this video (more than I should admit to) and I each time I am moreso convinced that they had to have hooked up. It is insane to have that much raw sexual chemistry and NOT do it (often).

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