Five Fun Facts: Nikki Reed & Misslawn Cullen

I was using the bathroom (T.M.I.) and noticed to my left last months issue of 944 mag in our magazine rack. Apparently my hubbie picked it up a while back and being that I never use the bathroom long enough to read anything, I never seemed to notice it.

Anyways… there’s a point to my rambling, Nikki Reed was on the cover looking fierce in the “Hollywood’s Rising Stars” issue. Sooooo, I thought “Ok cool, I should do an FFF’s on our Rosalie Hale, I mean Nikki.” So here it goes ya’ll…


Five Fun Facts: Nikki Reed

  1. Nikki’s father once dated Catherine Hardwicke for several years… hmm, which would prolly explain why she’s been in 3 of her movies: Thirteen, Dogtown, Twilight. catherine_hardwicke14
  2. She has 15 piercings (6 in each ear, 1 tongue, 1 nose, 1 bellybutton)
  3. Nikki wrote the script for the movie Thirteen in just 6 days, while she was on winter break… Yo, did you watch that movie? Her and Evan Rachel Wood played some crazy ass bitches!!! 13
  4. Her bff is Kristen Stewart, which is prolly why we’re always seeing the two photographed together smokin’ ciggy’s. 2
  5. She won’t be dying her hair for New Moon because she experienced major hair damage/loss while filming Twilight. So, to solve the whole Rosalie being gorgeous & blonde thing, she’ll be sporting a wig piece!!! 1

Five Fun Facts: Misslawn Cullen

  1. I am freakishly strong… especially for my height/weight. I can carry things twice my body weight, I can open the tightest pickle jars, and I can punch really really hard (watch out now!)
  2. If I wasn’t a designer or never followed my dream to be a magician, I’d most likely be a make up artist…. I love love love doing other people’s makeup!!!
  3. I love rice & carbs… I eat rice with everything, well almost everything. But shit what do you expect… I’m asian!
  4. I’m running out of fun things to say, eeeeekkk!!! Ughhh… I don’t eat swine, I mean pork.
  5. If you wanna know more fun stuff about me, check me out at: OR visit my other blog,

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