You know a movie has gained notoriety when a gay “adult” film spoofs it.

I can just hear the millions of hearts that would break if the real Edward Cullen came out the closet and left Bella for Jacob.


7 responses to “Twinklight?

  1. i can’t look at that without wanting to scratch my eyes out. could they have picked something OTHER than my son’s name?

  2. wow that just activated my gag-reflex! to quote Lauren, “that is SICKNAST!”

  3. lmfao that would be fucking hilarious i think taylor lautner is bi though!

  4. Wow. Just… wow.

    Great blog, ladies!

  5. You named your son Adonis. Seriously?!

  6. Robert Paulon

    YES. Edward and Jacob should do it doggy style.

  7. I wanna fuck you like an animal

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