its WTFriday ladies, and here i sit at my desk at work wishing i was somewhere else.   will someone hire me to just do WTForks full time??  please??    i beg of you..

here’s me LOVING my job.   ha.    please share with me WTForks you’re doin today.    and to my other WTFly ladies…   SAVE ME.  PLEASE.  

p.s. on days like this (after i catch up on my fave blogs)  i usually pretend to work and instead read my copies of the Twilight series that i have on PDF.  thats right gals.  on PDF!   if u want em, shoot me ur email.  

p.p.s.  Abi, i’m wearing eyeliner today so i dont look like DEATH.  happy?  (its also payday today so i think ima head to stussy to cop me some more swag from the stussy x hellz collab that was just released.  if u dont know, now u know)  


And what else would I be doing on TGIForkFridays at work? DUH.

I gotta make this short and sweet cuz it’s my man’s birthday today and one of his wishes was for me to lay low on WTForks for the day cuz it totally consumes me and his hubby time (that’s him in the background so i gotta hurry before he turns around) BUT you know what will be on my mind…




20 responses to “TGIForks!

  1. Yesss……pretty pls! I would love to read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn…Thank-u!

  2. Today, I’m not working. I’m on the internet, reading Twilight blogs, and making some lolrobs. Plus I’ve been playing with my Pocket Edward, haha! I posted pix @ my blog Twibites! 😀


  3. oooo deff would love to have breaking dawn to read on PDF.
    pretty please with a Edward on top. lol

  4. Kristina Cullen

    Me too, me too!

    Oh &

    🙂 🙂 Happy Friday!

  5. i have so many new wallpapers to choose from!

  6. and now i’m moded because i meant to put that comment on the gq rpat pics blog and now i’m too lazy to delete it and re comment lol.

  7. P.S. trick u know those work “papers” are just for show n u got the gq magazine or coloring books underneath lol

  8. Yes!!! Please send me PDF’s. Would love to read twilight in stealth mode while at work. I’ve read Midnight Sun over and over and it looks like I’m working. Love It!!

  9. That is so awesome that you have them on PDF! I love it, WTF ladies are always on top of their Twilight game 🙂 Will you please send them to me too when you get a hot minute? Thank you.

  10. YES ! Thank-u!!!!! and greatly appreciated….so swifty!!!

    P.E.A.C.E (Positive.Energy.Always.Creates.Elevation)!!!!!!

  11. I’m highly irritable as I am at work and NOT wanting to be here!!!

    Give me some of that… WTF…. NOW!!!

  12. Don’t know how to post pics to this so I hope this works, but my boyf found this 5 dollar bill in his cash drawer at the skate shop he works at. Amazing.

  13. OMG… I love that!!! We should all totally start writing WTForks?! On all of our dollar bills and see if it gets back to anyone, lol

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