Seriously… I can’t breath!!! Excuse me while I try to compose myself… hee hee hooooo hee hee hoooo!!! Check out these pics from R.Patz April feature in GQ magazine. These gotta be the best pics of him that I’ve EVER seen… EVER!!! Ok, I’m not gonna say anymore & I’ll just let the pics do the talking…




Oh my oh my, he’s a blessed man!!!

Which one of these pics will be your wallpaper on your computers? Looks like I’ll be choosing the ciggy pic!!! I mean, can he get any hotter than these pics? 

Dayuuumm, now let me ask ya’ll again… Which one do you prefer, R.Patz or Edward Cullen?!!!

I’m sticking to R.Patz thank you very much!!!


11 responses to “I CAN’T BREATH….


  2. Oh, yum. These pictures are delish!! I have to agree – I think these are the best pictures of Rob I’ve ever seen!!

  3. i already have the gq cover magzine tiled on BOTH my computer screens – but again, this is WHY he can’t be mine… i’d have to fight off way to many chicks for his love… edward’s love will ONLY BE MINE FOR ALL TIME!!!

  4. the smoking pic….my new background.

    love him in that V-neck

  5. i am very against smoking, but damn that pic is hot.

  6. Pics 1 & 2 are smokin’! I still pick Edward, but Rob is a close second. ☺

    Gotta get me an issue of GQ.

  7. WOWZA….the 1st and 4th pic are my favs. I most definitely choose Robert even though Edward is so perfect.

  8. Kristina Cullen

    misslawncullen- I woke up this morning, checked my phone & nearly FELL OFF my bed at the sight of this post. THANK YOU for posting these!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I heart all of em!!….If I were to choose, I wouldn’t mind having both. I’d love to be sandwiched between the two!

  10. and homeboy can sing! And play guitar, and piano….and…and!

  11. OMG! im panting *breath* *breath* *dies because of total hotness* x_x

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