Vamp Up Twilight Style…

Once again my 2 loves have joined forces… fashion & vampires!!! This time in Teen Vogue for a Twilight Prom feature…. AMAZING!!! This makes me wish I was in high school again so I could totally dress like this for prom. I mean, back in ’97 (yeah, I’m old) every girl was all about rockin’ long satin back less or mid drift baring dresses with crazy up do’s and stripper heels BUT thank gawd those days are long gone & Twilight is not only our favorite book/movie, it’s also the inspiration for both girls and guys in the way they flip their steez-yo. 

Teen Vogue did a dope job styling for this feature. I would totally rock any of these looks and each one would make me feel more part of the sexy Cullen fam’. That would be so sick if the styled the Cullens in looks like this for the movies… cuz the styling in the Twilight movie was waaaacckkk!!! 

“Vamp up a girly prom dress with a street-chic leather jacket, tough-luxe jewels and gems, and a rockabilly bouffant.”





For outfit details visit Teen Vogue here.


8 responses to “Vamp Up Twilight Style…

  1. I LOVE this spread. Got the mag yesterday. It’s one of the few features where I like the guy’s clothes as much as the ladies. Twilight stylists, take note!

  2. Love this.
    I wish I was rocking these prom looks back in 98.


  3. omg i was just WAITING for something like this to happen!

  4. why couldn’t i be edgy like that in H.S.? i was so froufrou back in the day. grrrr. now I am married and work in an office full of professionals. bummer dude!

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  6. That satin navy dress is GORGEOUS. I wore a dress from the 1890’s or some shit to prom in like 94…yeah, not a good look. Having red, glossy eyes in the pictures didn’t help either. Double bummer dude!

  7. In the picture with the guy in plaid-ish looking shirt, is there a list of what he’s wearing available anywhere?

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