RPatz vs Edward

ok people. here’s the ultimate question. who do you love more??? Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen… and WHY?

robert_pattinson vs. robert-pattinson-shiny-volvo-twilight

I am infatuated with Edward Cullen.


  • he’s sexy
  • he’s chivalrous
  • he’s beyond years, so that means, YES, he has experience
  • he’s sooooo into BELLA ME.
  • he’s protective
  • he will listen
  • he will die for BELLA ME.
  • he’s old fashioned (which will drive me insane when trying to get him to “sock it to me”) but i like that
  • he’s athletic, basically, he can carry me wherever we go.. i will NEVER have to walk again!
  • he’s a musician
  • he has a stare/pouting face that will melt me to the bone(r – if i had one of those, right mayor??? HAHA)
  • he has a cold soft heart that will be long to BELLA ME FOREVER (even when i get fat from not walking and old)

WHY NOT RPatz? (baby, this is all just for fun ok? i still love you more than anything/one in the world! ……. except for twilight.)

  • why chase something that will never be? (yes, i will find my edward)
  • because he’s real… i’d be too jealous that other girls are throwing themselves at him
  • i’d be far more in love with him than he would ever be with me
  • he’d be way too busy for QT
  • there are more, but i don’t want to set myself up for depression the whole day, so i’ll stop now.



14 responses to “RPatz vs Edward

  1. Well I have my Edward (Mr. Spank… all together now, AWWWWW) but if I ever got a free pass and the invitation I mean seriously… Rob Pattinson is real flesh and warm blooded. It would take an act of congress to get me to say no to that, if given the chance. šŸ˜‰

  2. Edward… because lets not lie to each other here… RPatz is just not Edward. lol. Still love him though.

  3. WAIT! SPANK RANSOM HAS A POINT!!!! okay if i HAD to choose Edward. BUT! if i had a chance at him Rob. lol. I’m greedy that way. lol

  4. Kristina Cullen

    You don’t see a lot of usernames on here with “Pattinson” as the last name. So, def. Mr. Cullen. I would even take Cedric Diggory over R.Pattz. lol

  5. misslawncullen

    R.Patz but with his Edward Cullen makeup on!!!!

  6. LMAO @ misslawncullen.

    so i said before that i would deff pursue all fantasies with Edward. but now that i think further into it i really dont want him to read my mind. I think i would go with R.Patt. i love his style and hes such a sweet guy. and i dont have to worry about venom or being crushed to pieces.

    jus to throw it in there. if i had a choice between taylor lautner and jacob black. i would DEF choose jacob black, hands down. Jacob black per 3rd book though lol. def not the first and not the second.

  7. “sock it to me” — JUST DICK ME DOWN ALREADY! hahahah ahahahaha!!

    raging boner to the fullest for my EDWARD. i believe he is real. and well.. i dont like RPatz discheveled look so much.

  8. Edward no doubt about it. He’s going to stay by my side for all eternity and never stray.

    unlike R. Patz…who might go off with some celebretard.

  9. Ummm…I choose Edward for ALL the same reasons listed above, but most of all his chivalry, maturity, hott-ness, mysterious-ness, dangerous side…those eyes, those lips, that hair…I could go on. I’ve said it several times that I wouldn’t really think Rob was that hott (hott, but not Edward HOTT), if he didn’t play Edward. I loved Edward before I even knew who would play the character. However, I can’t imagine ANYONE else as Edward…and when I dream of him, which is often, it’s Rob, but Edward….kwim?

  10. Now don’t lie girls… You know if RPatz was hollerin’ at you in the club, in the grocery store, on the street… Where evers… Yo ass would be all up on it!!! You wouldn’t be like, “No, you’re not really Edward Cullen!” Haha… And your a fool if you do cuz my ass would take the real thang anyday, haha!!! Ummhmmmmmm

    • puwahahah! yo, Rob is just a BILF while EDWARD… he’s not only a VILF, but we’ll be breaking beds for the rest of our LIVES!!!! can rob do that??? can he can he?? (i’d try him out, but swing him to the side once edward comes my way)

  11. I agree with Spank. And it’s not like you couldn’t ask Rob to talk Edward to you. šŸ™‚ I love when he finally says ‘hello’ to Bella-wishing it were me!

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