Let the countdown begin: Twilight DVD

10 9 more days and the DVD that we’ve all been waiting for is released for our viewing, in the pleasure of our own homes!!! I dunno about you but I CAN NOT wait any longer which is why I’ve been feening on the internet, looking for anything and everything about the DVD & this is what I’ve come across…

…a Twilight DVD commercials!!!

I wish I could teleport myself into the future to March 21st and watch it already.


3 responses to “Let the countdown begin: Twilight DVD

  1. I saw them last night especially on TLC for some reason. And when they come on my husband knows not to change the channel! lol

  2. Can I just say how effing excited I am to watch Twiligh on Bluray?!?!? I was this close to stealing the giant Twilight poster from Blockbuster yesterday. ( ) This close! Lol

  3. GAH! Those clips just gave me goosebumps. Now, what’s this midnight DVD party they speak of?

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