… or move them out of the way cuz here comes R.Patz & the last thing I need is some young teeny boppers in the way of me and my man!!! Let’s all give a big Thank You-Thank You to GQ magazine for featuring R.Patz on the cover of the upcoming April issue. I’ll be bum rushing a magazine stand nearest me soon, that’s fo’ sho!!!


FYI… not sure if the pic to the right is a part of his feature in GQ. That image came up when I googled: Robert Pattinson+GQ magazine. But fuck it… he looks good either way. More eye candy for all you ladies anyway, hehe.

BTW… Don’tchu just LOVE when he gives that look?


6 responses to ““HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS”

  1. yessss!! i dont even read magazines but im currently walking around with a copy of Nylon magazine in my jumbo purse just because it features Kristen Stewart on the cover.

    As soooooon as my lunch break hits im sprinting to get this mag and placing it neatly next to my Nylon in my purse hahaha.

    boost. excitement!

  2. aww boo just realized i gotta wait till april 😦 lol

  3. I can spend the rest of my life staring at the GQ cover and feel like I have lived a full and happy life. He is just so freaking hot it is ridiculous… just, wow…

  4. Kristina Cullen

    Omggggg *SWOOOOON* !!!

  5. dude. the picture on the right. i can’t take it. going to take a cold shower at work now.

  6. OMG!! he makes me so giddy…he’s just so god damn HOT! I can’t wait till this issue comes out, you better believe I’m buying multiple copies!

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