New Moon hasn’t even finished filming and they’re already getting us started on the third installation – LOVE IT.

Although Summit has yet to confirm this, Variety has reported that Drew Barrymore will NOT be directing Eclipse. They have given the honor to Juan Antonio Bayona instead.

I have no idea either but apprently he is the protege of renowned Mexican director Guillermo del Toro. I love me some Drew but I really didn’t want to have to hate her if she wtfucked up our movie so I’m glad they gave directing duties to someone more seasoned. I watched the trailer for his recent film The Orphanage which you can see below, and I think he’ll definitely bring the dark and creepy to Eclipse.


4 responses to “ECLIPSE Update!

  1. They actually haven’t hired him. I think they’re just considering him and Summit is going to meet with a few more directors also before they hired someone. The link to the article is on my page.

  2. Yah not official bc summit hasn’t made the announcement yet but they’re supposed to announce it soon according to pinkisthenewblog. Either way I hope its not drew barrymore. She’s great but I rather have her act than direct lol.

  3. Hey i have a question…. on the top right corner of THIS site there’s a lil smiley face…. is that suppose to be there? lol.

  4. I think Bayona may be good. I’m too scared to watch the freaking preview of the Orphanage! LoL

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