The AIM of This Blog.

Today I received an instant message from my homegirl Dee I went to high school with. She’s getting married next year to her high school sweetheart Joey, and just like every other Twi-Hard fans significant other – he thinks she’s crazy.

I happened to run into Joey the other day at Bart while I was with the bf so naturally my girl asks me how everything is going … and ultimately it leads (surprise surprise) back to Twilight.

[16:29] Dione: IS he like Edward Cullen? LOL
[16:29] Ab: NO
[16:29] Ab: he’s white but thats it
[16:29] Dione: LMAO
[16:30] Dione: It’s cool maybe he is close enough….
[16:30] Ab: hahaha
[16:30] Abt: NO NOT EVEN CLOSE

And then outta nowhere she asks me about WTForks! I figured she knew about it because I sometimes refer to it on MySpace, FB, or Aim but turns out our badge was on someone else’s page and maybe I’m putting too much on it but I thought that was AWESOME, especially after hearing the good news in our “Thank You” blog.

[16:48] Dione: Hey do you blog a lot on WTF?
[16:48] Ab: yah i try to at least once a day
[16:48] Dione: I didn’t know you did until I saw your pics on the side, I love that blog…
[16:48] Ab: hah  im blogging right now
[16:48] Ab: haha how’d u hear about it? omg thats awesome!
[16:49] Dione: I saw it on DC’s facebook, and I was like, oh what is that?
[16:49] Dione: I have had it booked marked on my favorites, for about 3 months now
[16:49] Ab: i’ll tell the girls i’m sure they’ll love that
[16:49] Ab: dude
[16:49] Ab: Twilight has ruined our LIFE
[16:49] Dione: yep…
[16:50] Dione: Joey thinks I am crzy
[16:51] Dione: I even freaking bought him a PS3 just for theTwilight blu-ray I preordered.
[16:51] Dione: lol
[16:51] Ab: hahahahaha omg it’s an epidemic! 
[16:52] Ab: i think i’m gonna throw a bucket of glitter on the bf tonight if we have sex
[16:52] Ab: add some spice lol
[16:52] Dione: LMAO nice!!!
[16:53] Dione: make sure you get lots of feathers around!
[16:53] Ab: OMG!
[16:53] Ab: too funny
[17:03] Dione: hey is there a way to like subscribe to the WTF blog?
[17:08] Ab: ill find out and let u know haha
[17:09] Ab: im about to blog about our conversation right now lol
[17:11] Dione: yea, actually When I first found the blog, I was looking everywhere on it to see if there was such a feature. Man, forreal its great. I was happy to see you were part of it. No wonder why its good it got great writers!

Aw *tear* I really feel like a proud mama right now. So once again thank you everyone for making all us WTFly ladies feel a little less crazy for being so obsessed, and thank you WTFly ladies for allowing me to be a part of this epidemic LOL.

It’s official. WE IS A PROBLEM!


3 responses to “The AIM of This Blog.

  1. dude this post makes me wanna CRY! i WTFucking LOVE US! hahahaha…

  2. misslawncullen

    i love us and most of all i love our readers!!!

  3. LOL Dionne be on this too! As for me, I can’t even get on at work anymore! They blocked my sh*t (stupid State gov’t computers; all they want us to do is work), so whenever I’m feeling the urge I have to stoop to just pulling up WTForks on my Voyager. LOL So sad.

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