the four of us here at WTForks?! would like to send a big THANK YOU to all our readers out there.   thanks for reading all our nonsense, putting up with our goofiness, and sharing the same obsession with us.   we just hit a record number of views yesterday and it’s all thanks to YOU. 

we appreciate all your comments, your referrals, your emails, your leads on stories and pictures and all the latest news.  we try our best to please you guys and we hope we’ve done u proud.    

from the bottom of our cold black hearts…  we love you guys, and we thank you all soo much!     =)


10 responses to “THANK YOU.

  1. You guys are awesome! I’m always thouroughly entertained and it gives me a good Twilight fix everytime I come here! Thanks!

  2. Kristina Cullen

    Thank YOU! You make opening up my Google Reader/Tweety that much more fun & work fly byyyyy. I even catch myself reading older posts. LOL! Have a DAZZLING Day WTF Fam 🙂

  3. No, thank you i love, love ,love What the Forks! i’m totally addicted. You ladies are smart, witty and totally Twi-Hard !!!

  4. you are moooore than welcome. this site is great. Even though im pretty sure i represent about 100% of Team Jake that reads this site. hinted by all the cullens and Hales that comment, lol, it still gives me my required daily dose of everything Twilight, not just Edward and not just Bella. This is also more than entertaining, its informative and fun. so thank you!

  5. Yes! You gals are so awesome! I Luk It AH Lot! (actually love it!) Keep it coming!

  6. misslawncullen

    i love our readers… all you rock!!!

  7. oh my goodness you guys are so great and very entertaining! I discovered this blog through what the hellz! I read the blog everyday…this is where i get my TWILIGHT fix. You ladies are doing a great job keep up the work!!

  8. Oh, breaking news, in Twilight 2, Bella gets killed at a vampire baseball game. Baseball, straight to the face. Oohh… messy

  9. I love WTForks! I found you on Twitter which is how I found your blog and I’m so glad I did!

  10. Love the blog! A friend at work passed the link on to me. You girls are definitely fulfilling my daily Twilight fix and making me crack the f@$% up…thanks!!

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