it all comes back to Twilight

again.  all the time.  with everything.

one of my friends is vacationing here and showed me this BEAUTIFUL picture today.. and  seriously, if i was a boy i’d have a raging boner from just looking at this.   it almost makes me wanna cry and sing my wedding song.  

Taumotu Islands, French Polynesia

Rangiroa, Taumotu Islands, French Polynesia

…  but why did it take me 1.36 seconds to wonder if this is what isle esme looks like?   

because again…  IT ALL COMES BACK TO TWILIGHT.  always.  =)  
p.s. who wants to take me here?  i promise i will cook for u everyday and maybe let u marry my first born daughter?   ok maybe not but i’ll give u my dog?  or my left shoe?


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