“I vant to suck your blood”


How do you know when your Twilight addiction has gone too far? I’m asking cuz the other night I was listening to Love Line with Dr. Drew to keep myself awake during the drive from San Diego to LA and this girl called in… can’t remember her name but her question was,

“Can you die from drinking blood?”

I immediately turned up the volume and paid more attention than I was earlier… I was thinking, “WTForks, is this chick crazy? She’s gotta be!!!” The chick then proceeded to talk about how she’s fascinated by vampires (of course) and so is her boyfriend… blah blah blah. Then Dr. Drew’s only question to her was…

“How many times have you seen Twilight?”

Of course she’s seen it more than twice, yada yada yada but anyways I may be addicted to the Twilight series BUT there’s no way in hell I’d ever stoop as low as to drinking someone’s blood… well unless it was R.Patz, ha! 

Oh and to answer her question in case you were wondering, the answer is YES you can considering of course if that person has a disease or what not… so lesson for today is: DO NOT drink anyones blood ladies and gents!!!


6 responses to ““I vant to suck your blood”

  1. LOL omg! this is hilarious! drink the V lol

  2. so. and u can even ask rach lol. i like the taste of blood. MY OWN of course. so i would never drink nobody elses ew. wait a minute, i don’t even drink my own haha. gah lemme start over.


    i like the tatse of blood. its sweet and salty. reminds me of kettle corn. ok maybe not like kettle corn. i have this nasty habit of peeling my lips when they’re dry and when they bleed i just suck on my lower lip. i wouldnt cut myself just to drink my own blood (EW EW EW) or like sprinkle it on my pancakes buuuuut … god u know what there’s nothing i can say to save myself now so never mind hahaa.

  3. HHAHA., ABI WTForks?! Drink the V! true blood, son!

    p.s. lawn, that book my sis brought up was not true blood it was something else. and u know what she told me the name but now i forgot because i swear pregnancy made me so forgetful and my brain has never been the same. i know. i’m fired.

  4. I am embarrassed on her behalf. Was she 12? **shakes head in disbelief.””

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