Jacob, Bella, Rosalie: New Moon stroll

My homegirl sent this image over to me… looks like the cast is doing some walking around while in Vancouver hahaha! Check out Taylor rocking a Nike Sportswear tee! What’s best yet, is after you click the link below, the caption reads:

[Nikki Reed, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart … in Vancouver, where they are shooting the new “Twilight” vampire porn movie…]


Oh to be a pedestrian on that street!!!! AH! Where the hell is Rob??? =p

Source via Gawker.com


6 responses to “Jacob, Bella, Rosalie: New Moon stroll

  1. they’re shooting PORN? WHAT? hahaha

  2. oh wow… looks like both the ladies smoke lol

  3. this is my ten-billionth time looking at this pic today. and i just NOW noticed they both smoking. lol.

  4. totally disappointed that they smoke

  5. i kind of figured Nikki Reed was a smoker. She wrote ‘Thirteen.’ We all saw her sniff paint and computer duster. Who knows what other crap she’s done. lol.

  6. What a photo op. pic.

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