I wouldn’t mind…

I came across this cute photo booth pic of R.Pat & K.Stew, from their appearance at MTV awhile back.


They look so cute in the pic that it got me thinkin’… Every time there’s rumors about R.Pat possibly hooking up with someone, like Paris Hilton, Camilla Belle or Natalie Portman my heart sinks into my stomach and I pray and pray for it to be untrue. However, if and only if he were to get with someone, I really don’t think I’d mind if it were K. Stew. I dunno if it’s cuz they look cute together and have good chemistry OR cuz she’s Bella and he’s Edward. It’s kinda similar to how Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams got together after The Notebook.

What do you think…would you mind?

Thanks to my friend Simone, we were tipped off that MEGAN FOX (who just recently ended her engagement with B.A.G.) was seen with Rob, not once, but TWICE in West Hollywood… at the same venue!!! SAY IT AIN’T SOOOOO!!! DAMN HER AND HER PRETTY EYES, HARD ABS, ASS AND HAIR!!! I hope she has no personality and is all looks LOL! MFOX – I’ll still watch you in Transformers though, I’m not hatin THAT hard… just don’t take our RPat!!!


10 responses to “I wouldn’t mind…

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! they just look so PERFECT for each other… i really do think they have AWESOME chemistry… lawn can you photoshop all our pics in?? HEHEHEHEHEHE

  2. Ok so I’m new to the whole Twilight phenomenon, (thanks to Jess) but instantly fallen in love. I totally wouldn’t mind if they were together in real life. I’m thinkin they will be bffs at first, and then fall in love.

    oh & the notebook reference. my favorite on & off screen love story. thank goodness they got back together.

  3. misslawncullen

    yeah jess… i’ll totally photoshop our faces on there!!! send me your pics ladies 🙂

  4. nope i wouldnt mind it. i think its because of their personalities.
    i mean from what i can tell from the many interviews of them as i have watched and read, you get some really chill vibes from the both of them. they seem genuine and all together really cool ppl. they would be a power couple.

    NOW if Paris Hilton gets her pretentious poisonous claws on sweethearted Rob id be afraid she would ruin him and turn him out. and like, youd see him on celeb rehab or something months later.

    but i doubt he and Kristen will happen, shes been tight with her boyfriend since she was 13 and theyve been dating seriously for 2 years now. In her Nylon interview she says they laugh at all the rumors of her and Rob. seems like its pretty solid.

  5. lmao. omg lawn will do! i was gonna say can i get the one where she’s pulling his tie … but that’s all of them. just photoshop my face in whichever pic he looks the happiest in haha.

    and i think we or at least I don’t mind kristen the most only ‘cuz i’ve already been thru the agony of having to share edward with bella so it’s almos the same. whereas, if it was a completely new girl i’d have to go through the pain all over again.

    did i just say that? lol.

  6. misslawncullen

    mayor, jcul’, doowa…
    send me your pics so i can get to work, lol. just try to angle your face as k.stew does so it’s easier for me & it’ll look more realistic

  7. misslawncullen

    He can’t be with Megan 😦

  8. girlfriends. i’m working on finding the perfect pics as we speak. this is like, the best idea ever. btw.

  9. i can’t wait to see the pics

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