sweethearts steal hearts.

so, i’m on vacation in beautiful lake tahoe (with NO internet connection btw. WTForks is that?)  and my NBF Queenie emails me with the following attachment.  



you see correctly.  they make Twilight sweethearts!   and although this is old news (they’ve been out since before valentines), i’m still surprised they’re still in stores and selling.  But i guess Twi-hards like u and i keep anything Twilight on the shelves right?    so this kick started my “why does everything have to do with twilight?” weekend.  lemme explain. 

1.  while watching the sun rise over the snow and seeing the “glitter” effect, i immediately thought of Edward’s sparkly skin. 
2.  while driving through the trees and such on the way there, i wondered if this is what Forks looked like.
3.  while cooking dinner i watched a movie on Lifetime channel – “Mini’s First Time” with Nikki Reed a.k.a. Rosalie Hale (which was kinda disturbing and i kept picturing her as a vampire and wondered why she didnt just suck this guy’s blood or something.)   
4. while driving back i noticed the cliffs and mountains and wondered if bella jumped off something that looked similar.
5.  my sis brought up a book that she was reading which she described as “Twilight for Adults” (think of my last post about that damn sex scene..  but on CRACK) 
6. i get the following text from Q – “so why is it that when i was in church just now they mentioned “His clothes became dazzling white” i thought of edward cullen”?  (see we even think of Edward in church) 

so i guess my question is..  WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO DO WITH TWILIGHT?   and i mean, everything.  i guess this is just one of the reasons T-why-I-like Twilight.. cuz its just that unforgettable. 

but tell me, does this shit happen to you too??   

p.s. i promise to get the title of that book from my sister and post it here ASAP ya freak.


5 responses to “sweethearts steal hearts.

  1. LMAO! i thought it was just me. Twilight has corrupted and took over my life. I do the same exact thing. when i look at a whole bunch of trees I imagine the cullen family running through them. Every Porsche i see reminds me of Alice. Every volvos reminds me of Edward. BMWs remind me of Rosalie…. i guess we all know what giant cars remind me of… Ugly cars remind me of Bella.

    I own Mini’s First Time and everytime i watch it i forget Nikki Reed is playing Mini and just assume she’s Rosalie. I’m a big Nikki Reed fan and everytime i watch The OC or I just recently watch Lords of dog town. I always think she’s a vampire and can break things with a twitch of a finger. haha.

    So, i’m glad to see i’m not the only one. haha.

  2. misslawncullen

    the same thing happens to me… yesterday i went to the movies and there was some film that was set to be released on March 21st & i whispered to bam, “hey that’s when the twilight dvd comes out” & he just rolled his eyes, ha!
    oh and the book your sister is talking about… is it the sookie stackhouse series? i got all of ’em but haven’t started yet but heard it’s rated X, oooowwweeee sookie sookie nooowww!!!!

  3. lol queenie emailed me this too and when i got her church text all i could think of was “BLASPHEMY!” i still think point reyes looks like forks that one day we went to hog island!

  4. Blasphemous Queenie

    I really need to join a Twilight Anonymous or something. Lol

  5. Im so happy i came across this site! Im a huge fan of Twilight & it makes me super happy to find other ladies who are just as obsessed as i am =) But back to the post i totally agree with everything you ladies said. Like when it rains & thunderstorms i catch myself imagining vampires playing baseball haha

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