FFF: Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper & JCullenBlack

I have to admit, Jasper kinda freaked me out in the movie because of his stiff demeanor and crazy stare, but the more and more I learned about his character through the series of books, the more and more I grew fond of him – ESPECIALLY rooting for his relationship with Alice =) Besides his soft features, I have to admit, there’s something totally manly about this guy…. So, I now present you with the:

5 Fun Facts for Jackson aka Jasper


1. Jackson was born in Singapore and grew up in midland Texas but also lived in Indonesia, among other countries.

2. Like RPat and Angela, he shares a passion for music, he’s even in a band called 100 Monkeys! Cute!
3. Wonder why the cast of Twilight seems to have so much chemistry on screen? Turns out Jackson is really good friends with Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) in real life – awwww!

4. For Jackson, he was asked what the coolest thing about being a vampire would be. His response was: “The singular coolest thing, to me, would have to be the ability to just stay out of the sun. I’m not really a sun person; I’m not a beach bunny. I’m more of an indoor-sports kind of guy. You know, just sitting at home with a guitar, very simple. I’m all about nightlife. I live during the night, so that would have to be the coolest aspect for me.**Read the rest of this MTV interview… he explains why his role as Jasper is sooo awkward!**
5. He’s currently working on a movie under M. Night Shyamalan called The Last Airbender, hmmm I wonder what that’s about…!

5 Fun Facts about me, JCullenBlack:

  1. My nick name is Yoshi because when I was in highschool, I changed my hair style and color so much that I was told I looked like an anime character… So they started calling me Yoshi…
  2. I started a clothing company with friends when I lived in SF called Homeroom Clothing, I left when I moved to NYC and now I work like 5 jobs including buyer for a store called Fatlace, am a Project Manager at an interactive web design firm, and blogging for multiple sites (as I think I’ve mentioned before): Fatlace, itsDesignRelated, CtotheJL (plus a few more side projects I have going on gah!)
  3. I met the New Mayor of Forks back home when we were 12 and have since rekindled our friendship through our shared passion for Twilight. I met MissLawnCullen from working in the fashion industry as well as being a fellow NY’er at the time. I have yet to meet doowaditty – soon I hope!
  4. I date a pro-skater, but luckily he’s not touring as much as he used to, but when he does, he goes far away for a long time =(
  5. I am a sneaker freak… I think at the most, I’ve owned 150-200 pairs of kicks, not sure exactly since I still have plenty of boxes back at my parent’s place…

3 responses to “FFF: Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper & JCullenBlack

  1. misslawncullen

    i’m sorry but i’m not a really big fan of jackson rathbone, as a matter of fact, i didn’t even know that was his name, yikes! i think it’s cuz it was really hard for me to watch him in Twilight… he prolly said 2 words in the whole movie & the rest of the time he looked like he had to push one out. hopefully he’ll be better in new moon. BUT hey jcullenblack… i totally remember when i first met you!!! it was in vegas at MAGIC!!!

    • I knooooowww, he’s sooo weird! But I should include a good interview he had with mtv. Turns out all of that “acting” was on purpose! I will link hehe, still have a hard time watching him in the movie tho… Oh and omg – @ magic I was so nervous to meet you!!! Hahahaha!!!

  2. lawn, i have to agree with ur opinion of him… lol..

    and jess… GOD since we were TWELVE!

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