A New Moon Movie Artwork!

OK, so maybe it’s not the official movie posters but they’re eye-catching and beautiful nevertheless. The other day I got a picture message from my girl Laur in the 808 (BTW I just love how I’m the first person my friends think of when they see something either Twlight or T.I. related). It was this mock movie poster for A New Moon and Edward looked so delicious you know my ass had to google that bitch for a bigger picture. And wala – I was not disappointed.

I also found this:

Again, while this isn’t the official movie poster I think it’s a very powerful image. It reminds me of how lost and empty Bella felt  in the in the midst of everything that was happening.

And lastly, I saw this image by itself and thought it was one of my favorite pics of the duo. I then saw it turned into a movie poster:

All of this only makes me that much more excited to see the actual New Moon poster – gaaaaaaaaah I cannot wait! It also makes me want to create my own movie poster … hmmmm now there’s an idea!

10 responses to “A New Moon Movie Artwork!

  1. misslawncullen

    wow… i love the poster at the top and middle!!! they gave me shivers cuz i totally get it!!! the top one is of edward in italy exposing his skin in the courtyard & the one w/ bella is how she’s lost without edward… urgghh AMAZING!!!

  2. misslawncullen

    oh and i’d like to add that edward’s abs are looking really good there, hehe!!!

  3. The first pic is my desktop bg. My mom walked into my room and saw it and asked me why a naked dude was on my computer. haha. Oh jeez he’s hot. i just saw harry potter 4 today….. oh god hellla fine!

  4. the firs one made my heart skip a beat! the thoughts that are running through my head……

  5. ugh. i love him so. as if i didn’t aready have the pic as my cell phone wallpaper i had to go back on wtforks just to check him out again.

  6. oo fun, good idea. im going to make my own poster and see how it turns out. 🙂

  7. I must have that first poster as my wallpaper.

  8. Whoever is working on the official posters right how should stop and buy those first two.

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  10. I love all of them but I think the second one captures the book perfectly but Id take the first anyday……

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