Five Fun Facts: Kellan Lutz & MisslawnCullen

After Edward Cullen my next fave character is Emmett Cullen, cuz he’s a total guys guy – big, funny, athletic, oh and I love how he’s always picking on Bella BUT you know what… for some reason I never bothered to look up Kellan Lutz on the internet. I dunno if it’s cuz it just never crossed my mind OR if I felt like I was cheating on Edward by looking at another vampire… for God’s sake he’s his own brother, that’d just be wrong!!!

But anyways, I had to look him up for this post and well boy oh boy was I shocked to see how fiiiiiiiiiiiiine our boy Kellan is…


FFF about Kellan Lutz:

  1. Kellan has 6 brothers and 1 sister… dayuuum that’s a grip if you ask me. That makes his mom the OG Octo-Mom!!!
  2. Kellan intended on keeping his natural curly hair for the role of Emmett Cullen in the film, Twilight, however, he had recently had a buzz cut for a different film and his hair didn’t grow fast enough for the filming of Twilight.emmett3
  3. The most embarrassing place his phone ever began ringing was during a church baptism. His ring-tone was Sir Mix-A Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’. The volume was on high and it took him at least 15 seconds to turn the ringer off… aww man I wish I was there for that, hahaha!!
  4. Prior to being cast as Emmett Cullen in Twilight he was an Abercrombie model. So that means the likeliness that the model you were drooling over while shopping for that track suit back in the day was prolly Kellan… ha!!kellan-lutz41
  5. Unlike Taylor Lautner, you can wash 10 loads of laundry on Kellan’s abs, instead of just 2…picture-71

FFF about Misslawn:

  1. I have a really bad shoe addiction… I can’t get enough of shoes, I seriously can’t!!! Pumps, stiletto’s, flats, sneakers, platforms, slippers, boots (ooooh i love boots), expensive, cheap, free, WHATEVERS… I can NOT get enough!!! I’m border line Imelda Marcos BUT the worst part about it is that out of all my beautiful heals I almost always wear the same pair… it’s like WTForks do I have all these heels for if I only wear that one pair? I mean, granted that one pair is to die for & on top of that the most comfortable pair of heels I have but gheezzzzz… urrgghh, ok I can go on and on about shoes just as much as I can go on and on about Twi-I-Love Twilight, so that’s that… next!!!
  2. I love and collect art & post modern furniture… some of my favorite artist and designers are: Kaws, Futura, Warhol, Murikami, Charles & Ray Eames (pictured below), and Nelson.eames_111
  3. I think I’m starting to look older and I’m convinced it’s because of all the lack of sleep I’m getting AND do ya’ll know why I’m lacking in sleep?! Yep, you’re right… it’s cuz of Twilight and my need to google everything about it so I can blog-blog-blog. Don’t get me wrong tho, I love blogging, especially for WTForks… I just need to squeeze in sometime during the day to be doing this rather than… what time is it?! OMG, it’s 2:20am… yikes!!!
  4. Ok, I need to get some sleep so I’m gonna make the rest of this quick & easy… I’m the middle child, I have an older sister named Florence & and younger brother named Floro Junior. So it’s Florence, Floro and Lanie… wierd right?! Sometimes I feel like my name should’ve been something like Florita or something but thank God it isn’t… otherwise I’d be floritacullen, eeewww!!!
  5. I’m bummed that the Beat Freaks lost ABDC and I secretly wish I was a dancer.

Good Night ya’ll and be sure to leave your windows open 🙂


5 responses to “Five Fun Facts: Kellan Lutz & MisslawnCullen

  1. yo his curls are HOTTTTTT!!! and i can’t wait to post my FFF hehehe – shoes, YES, but i love the pair you always rock, super jelly. uhm i wish i was a dancer too, step up 2 is one of my fav movies to watch on demand on tv… but that will change VERY SOON. and from now on, i’ll call you flo-rita hahahahhahahha

  2. misslawncullen

    i have a feeling your serious about calling me flo-rita, haha!!

  3. firstladycullen

    Hey Flo-rita, hee hee! Loves ya cuz and your blog, now I’m gonna get no sleep 🙂 Thanks for making me smile! I can make my hair really straight and if I get some sun, I can totally pass for a Quileute, let’s DO it!!!

  4. Omg, floritacullen that is too funny. If there were to be 8 Fun Facts of MisslawnCullen, it would go like this:
    6. In the past 3 years, she has slowly been
    introducing vegtables in her diet. Big thanks
    to her hubby Bam.
    7. On top of being a dancer, she would like to be
    a Magician.
    8. Like Monica, from Friends; Misslawn is
    freakishly strong.

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