Twilight Deleted Scene Pt. 2

So I’m sitting here pretending to work, when JCullenBlack introduces me to yet another deleted scene from Twilight. Usually, when someone is overtly concerned about me I get irritated and want to lock them in a basement and far, far away from me. But I PROMISE Edward can’t do anything wrong.

“Sometimes I’m not the most dangerous thing out there…”

He’s so right, ‘cuz leave me alone with Edward in the woods and he’d be bukked nekkid tied to a tree in 10 seconds flat. Anyway, you can find the entire deleted scene here: Danger in the Woods.


2 responses to “Twilight Deleted Scene Pt. 2

  1. UGHHHH I LOOOOOVE THIS – just look at his face as he thinks about his last line…. ❤

  2. misslawncullen

    I can’t wait to see more deleted scenes… I’m counting the days til my dvd comes.

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