TGIForks: BBM Hysteria!!!


So I was on my way to get lunch when I got the following BBM (black berry messenger for those unaware of the crack-berry epidemic) from my girl, Aja… 

Ajabebe♥♥: OMG I can see that guy from twilight

Ajabebe♥♥: He’s in front of my store!!!

Misslawn: SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!

Misslawn: Take a picture, omg please take a picture

Ajabebe♥♥: I want too but I’m too embarrassed to go up to him

Misslawn: No, who cares… just do it and get a piece of paper and write WTForks on it, please please please!!! Do it, OMG!!!

I then proceed to frantically dial jcullenblack to give her the news & as we both start hyperventilating  (as if we were really there with Aja), Aja hits me back with a picture!!!

Turns out it wasn’t R.Patz, boooo… it was actually Cam Gigandet aka James the Tracker!!! Thanks to Aja for listening to me and taking the picture & sorry for the frantic demands, haha!! But anybody would’ve responded the same way I did if they thought it was P.Patz, right?!


Aww, don’t they look sooo cute together? (lol, j/k Amiel) Haha… sorry the pic is grainy, she took it with her cell phone. See that’s why you must ALWAYS carry a camera on you ladies… you never know when you too may have a Twilight sighting. God forbid you run into R.Patz and there’s a camera nowhere to be found.


16 responses to “TGIForks: BBM Hysteria!!!

  1. ITS AMAZING!!! he was soo sweet and didnt want to take a picture he pulled me with him…i was shaking for a good hour after he left..on his bike, with a cig in his mouth…too freakin HOT for words…OOoOh did i forget to mention there was mad paparazzi also flicking away while we took this pic together…so funny

  2. misslawncullen

    aww shit aja… that means you might be in some tabloid magazines or TMZ, hahaha!!!

  3. Oh SHIT! dude shoulda went all borat… put him in a pillow case and run! hahahah

  4. Haha! Glad Aja spied him cruising the plaza, you never know who you’re gonna see! Super cute pic too 🙂

  5. hey you have vzw. i work there…and have the same phone. lol

  6. misslawncullen

    hey krisYee, is vzw ever gonna come out with the blackberry bold?

  7. yes we are. lol i’m not exactly sure when though…i’m thinking second quarter some time. but they never tell us so i’m not for sure!

  8. misslawncullen

    Yaaay, lemme know! I need it cuz there’s camera on it right? That can come in handy when I have a twilight sighting, ha!

  9. fosho i’ll let jess or rach know haha

    i’ve had this phone for like 2 years and it sucks not having a camera!

  10. Kristina Cullen

    Ahh NIIICEEEE!!!!!
    I need to get myself a Blackberry & join in this hysteria.

  11. jonettecullen

    OMG I love this! So cool and random!

    Is it ok if I link to you from my blog?

  12. misslawncullen

    hey jonettecullen… of course you can!!! we’ll link you from our blog too

  13. yayyyy!!! hot hot hot – omg… c’mon cell phone talk HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA jk! dude – i would have pooped in my pants if i saw anyone from twilight – POOPED!

  14. YEA I KNOW… its 7am here in nyc… i need a life

  15. Omg omg OMG. I am hella browsing on my phone right now and I think I just about DIED when I read this cuz I love cam! Love him!!! Btw it sucks not being able to get online in tahoe.

  16. awww i LOVE HIM. i loved him in Never back Down too. youre sooo lucky!!!! hes hawt and everyone always says hes such a sweetheart which is ironic because he prefers playing “bag guy” roles.

    you guys should do a FFF on him!

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